Invest in cryptocurrencies starting from $15 a week
"I CAN" investment course

After this course, you will be able to:

Set your financial goal and achieve it
Stable weekly investment in cryptocurrencies will change your thinking and financial habits and help you understand and optimize your spending.
Understand the psychology of a crypto investor
Learn one of the most effective investment strategies. You will understand that cryptocurrencies are not a bubble, not a pyramide, but a new class of investment assets.
Invest in cryptocurrencies on your own
Learn what to buy, where to buy, how to buy and sell and when to do it. After this course you will be able to buy coins yourself.
Be part of the community of crypto investors
Your course fee includes communication with other students in a closed telegram chat 24/7 You get support, additional investment ideas and constant exchange of experience.
Make money on the cryptocurrency market
Regardless of the rise or fall of the market and without complicated charts or wasting time studying the news. According to our strategy, it is simply impossible to be in the red.
Change Your Life
Money is a tool to make life better. Have your own home, car, free time for family, sports, hobbies and travel. It's up to you to choose where, how and how much to work.
What you will learn:
Lesson 1. Trading Instruction
The peculiarities of the cryptocurrency market and the psychology of the crypto-investor. The right attitude to the risk of investing, the fall and growth of cryptocurrencies. What is leverage? Rules for safe investing in cryptocurrencies. Your step-by-step trading instruction, when it is better to buy cryptocurrencies and how to do it. What is the averaging of the purchase and its effectiveness? How to determine your financial goal and achieve it by investing in cryptocurrencies.
Lesson 2. Cryptocurrency exchange
A complete overview of all the functions of the exchange necessary for investment with examples. Step-by-step instructions: how to register on the exchange and pass verification; how to top up the account and withdraw your money; how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies; how to transfer cryptocurrencies.
Lesson 3. How to choose cryptocurrencies for investment
Technical and fundamental analysis. Day trading and scalping. Their characteristics and effectiveness. According to what parameters it is necessary to analyze the rating of cryptocurrencies and choose cryptocurrencies for investment. What stablecoins are and why they are needed. Step-by-step strategy on how to form a balanced portfolio of cryptocurrencies, in which there will be top reliable coins and new ones that can grow by a very large percentage.
Lesson 4. Mobile application of cryptocurrency exchange
An overview of all the functions of the exchange necessary for investing. Investing in cryptocurrencies using a smartphone for those who do not have a laptop or feel more comfortable doing everything on the phone.
How the training works
You watch the video instructions in your personal account from the comfort of your home.
After each lesson, you do your homework.
If something does not work - you write in the support chat and receive help until everything is clear.
Your investment in this training course
  • 4 video lessons
  • Homework
  • 24/7 student support chat

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Let's get acquainted
How I bought an apartment in 2 years and
3 months of investing
In total I invested 6100 US dollars and total profit was 80 387 US dollars.
Student feedback ❤️
For me this course is one of the best investments in myself. I sincerely recommend the company's services, as I know they are honest and fully implement agreements, and the crypto course is ideal for those who want to start investing, but do not have large sums of money yet.
Olga Shakar
I started investing in cryptocurrency after this course!
It's very easy to get all the basics.
I recommend the course to anyone who wants to grow their assets. Olena is a good teacher, she always gives advice and guidance.
Tatiana Lerman
Many thanks to Olena for this course and for supporting so many people. The lessons are clear and specific. The chat is especially useful, we get regular support and feedback. Olena is always ready to help, responds promptly and gives good advice. I already recommended it to someone and I know they have started studying. This is also a great idea for a gift.
I wish you good luck and to have more students!
Natalia Karpova
This course is suitable for every adult, who knows how to use the phone and computer at a basic level. In order to get the first results after this course, you do not need to be a genius or an IT specialist, just pay attention and do not hesitate to ask in the chat when something is not clear. It is very important that Olena helps every student, no matter how difficult the question.
Vlad Ulytsky

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it an individual or group course?
It is individual training through video instructions and homework. You can watch it wherever and whenever you want. All students can choose to belong to a telegram chat where the group discussion happens.
Is access limited in time?
No, we do not limit the time of access to the course. The lessons may be updated, and you can watch the updates.

Is it complicated?
It is not complicated. Every person who knows how to use a smartphone, the Internet and a computer will be able to understand it. If something is not clear, we can help you in the chat.
When do I need to pay my tuition?
After you pay, you receive access to your personal account. You will receive a letter to your email with instructions on how to enter your personal account.

Will I be able to invest after this course?
Yes! After the 3rd lesson you will be able to invest on your own.
Which cryptocurrency exchange will I be able to invest on?
You will be able to invest on any exchange convenient for you. If you do not know which exchange to choose, we recommend During the training we show you how to use this exchange.
How much time do I need to take this course?
To make it easy and effective, you need only 4 days and less than one hour a day. You can also binge watch all the videos during one day. The weekly investment will take 5 minutes of your time.
How much do I need to start investing?
You can start with $15 a week. You can top up your account with your bank card.
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